For those who have passion in Thailand amulets, you may heard the word “Benjapakee” often. The meaning of Benjapakee in Thailand amulets is “Set of Top 5 amulets” . Benja mean Five and Pakee mean Member

“BenjaPakee” is actually an ancient word from Pali. Benja means 5 kind or type, Pakee means set or grouping.
So BenjaPakee means 5 different types of amulets in a group or set.



Benjapakee is the most wanted amulets for collectors with the best Buddha art, story, legend, bless and the purpose. Thai people usually wear or keep in Dharma room (praying room in house). For real believer that pray, Benjapakee give them good fortune, protect from danger or even have better success in business or any good purpose.

The only reason in an old time that Benjapakee change owners is an estate. In present there much more information and story for knowledge. Which bring up many people that have the same passion for Thailand amulets from internet, market, or individual to collect Benjapakee. Even exchange with high values, nowadays as time pass the values of Benjapakee keep raising.


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